Full-automatic extrusion blow moulding machine

Basic installation including
●Die head:center-feed die head
●Extrusion system: adopt world-famous brand automatic temperature controlling device. Drive the screw with electromagnetism motor reducer to realize stepless regulating.       
●Clamping device: Adopt bi-directional synchronous clamping device with double axis single cylinder to stabilize equipment well    
●Blowing device: with upper blowing type     
●Hydraulic system: the whole hydraulic system adopts world-famous brand controlling components and proportional controlling circle.   
●Electric controlling system: Adopt programmable controller made in SEIMENS, Japan. Even electric component is of world-famous brand.
Technical parameters: (QCM-50 )
Basic Parameters suitable material PE,PP,PVC,PS,PETG,so on
max volume 0.5L
Die head number 1 . 2 . 3 . 4
Size 2.4×1.78×2.0(M)
weight 3.0T
Total power 24kws
station 2
System specification parameters Note
Extrusion System Summarize High efficient low power consumption plasticizion system, transducer control, self-protect function when started at low temperature
reducer Hard finishing, high intension, low noise reducer
screw ∮45mm,L/D ratio 24-25,38CrMoALA with nitriding surface HV≥800, brittleness≤2; Cooling system available
Plasticization 40Kg/H HDPE
Screw Heating zone 3 Aluminum heater Automatic heating
Screw Heating power 5Kg/H
extrusion Motor three phase asynchronous motor(380V,50HZ)75HP
Cooling Fan power 3.5kws Automatic cooling
Die System Summarize high-grade alloy steel,center feeding
Max die mouth ∮60mm
Die Heating zone 2 Stainless steel heating cycle
Die Heating power 2.4KW
Clamping System Summarize High intension,rigidity,center mold locking,stable mould opening and clamping system
Clamping force 30KN
Template distance 400-1100mm
Template stroke 400-1101mm
Max mould size W*H: 7000×1000mm
Mould material High grade 50 ﹟steel
Electric System      
Summarize PLC+touch screen(man-machine interface)
standard extrusion blow molding machine controlling system
(AUTO monitoring, fault alarm, auto counting, auxiliary function available)
Germany SEIMENS PLC system
Operate interface 10 inch colorful touch screen, automatic self-diagnose alarm system
Temperature control Automatic temperature control module
Temperature controlling precision: Various in ±1%;
Movement control SEIMENS, Chinese/English Version
Electric protection Ampere overload, electric short circuit self-portection function
Hydraulic System Summarize Multipel function hydraulic integrated block proportional control, high eficient
Oil pump motor three phase asynchronous motor(380V/220V, 50/60HZ)12KW
Oil pump Japanese double Vane pump
Valves YUKEN valves and connections
Oil pipes double layer overpressure resistant
system pressure 60Kg/cm²
cooling system separate water cooling cycle, oil cooler cooling system
Pneumatic System Summarize FESTO an airtac pneumatic system
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Air displacement M3/min
Electromagnetic valve FESTO
Cooling System Summarize Sparate cooling system of mould, barrel and oil system
Cooling medium Water
Water flow 40L/min
Water pressure 0.3-0.6Mpa

Name Trader
Micro computer control system SEIMENS
temperatuer controller Schneider from france
Auxiliary relay OMRON
contactor Schneider from france
Electric motor CHINA
power source CHINA
transduer EURA
Hydraulic Parts
Name Trader
Oil pump HIGH-TECH
Oil pump and connection YUKEN
Sealed part CHINA
Air Control System
Name Trader
Cylinder FESTO
Air Valve FESTO

1.)German SEIMENS human-machine interface,easy to control, and the aduanced inverter.       
2.)flow and pressure proportional control by Japan YUKEN; Adoting European clamping system,double tructure mold parts.    3.)Impoted electronic parts,German SEIMENS welf-functioned and PLC control system. 
4.)The range of this quotation list doesn’t include the following items: Wiring, tubing and the material not included in the machine; Material, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil for test run; Transportation costs and insurance.

The buyer should place the machine to the right position and inform the supplier after the machine reach the buyer’s factory. We will send one engineers to test the machine until it running in normal state. The buyer bears expenses on accommodation, hotel, ticket and medical insurance.  you will have to pay $50 per day for the extra days of his stay.       
The offer is valid for any order placed within a period of 30 days. Unless otherwise stated all conditions and terms are based on this list.
The offer is offered for the buyer’s need in selecting and not act as the enclosure of contract. The contract is the only standard.   

NOTE: The price of mould is up to the product sample or blueprint.

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