Full-automatic extrusion blow moulding machine(double station)
MAX comntainer capacity L 20
Screw Dimeter mm 100
Screw L/D ratio L/D 24/1
Output capacity KG/H 150~190
Extruder driving power Kw 55~75
Number of heating zone zone 4
Screw heating power Kw 9.6~12
Die heating zone zone 3
Power of die heating Kw 7~9
MAX die-pin diameter mm 200
Oil pump drive power Kw 30+4
Clamping force KN 200
Platen distance mm 350~700
Horizontal stroke mm 750
MAX mould size (WxH) mm 600x570
Blowing pressure Mpa 0.6~1.0
Size of mashine(LxWxH) m 4.65x4.0x3.0
Weight of machine TON 12
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