Blow Moulding Machine

Parametric Technology

3cavities 4cavities
 Theoretical output 1500(0.5L)Pcs/H 2000Pcs/H
 Product Capacity 0.1-1.5L 0.1-1.5L
 Diameter of Bottle Mouth 15-38mm 15-38mm
 Diameter of Bottle Body 40-90mm 40-90mm
 Height of Bottle 300mm 300mm
 Max.Mold Thickness 240mm 240mm
 Effective Area of Mold 320x350m2 480x350mm2
 Clamping Stroke 150mm 150mm
 Clamping Force 200KN 200KN
 Diameter of Stretch Pin 12mm 12mm
 Max.Stretch Stroke 370mm 370mm
 Total Power 12KW 18KW
 Overall Weight 1.4T 2.0T
 Working Pressure 1.05-1.25MPa 1.05-1.25MPa
 Blowing Pressure 2.2-3.0MPa 2.2-3.5MPa
 Cooling Water(6-10℃) 0.3-0.5MPa 0.3-0.5MPa
 Size 2000x700x1700 2000x700x1700
 Size of Oven(L.W.H) 1150x1560x1870 1350x1890x1890
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