Full Automatic Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine(Double station)

QCM-65 Series is a medium-sized energy saving machine for the mass-production of related products for cosmetic,food,oil tank,auto spare parts,composite vials and so on.SEIMENS editable PLC programme for different kinds of product.Japan YUKEN flow and pressure proportional control system make sure that the action stablely,orientation exactly;frequency transducer keep the material pipe equal,and stable.

special configure.
30 digital point Moog parison controller system.
product leak testing device.
product deflashing and transportant system.
customer's product request.
material store die head.
customer's request.

Parametric Technology

 Max Container capacity(L) L 3-4
 Screw Diameter(mm) mm 65
 Screw L/D Ratio(l/d) L/D 22~24
 Plasticizing Capacity Kg 60
 Extruder Driving Power Kw 15
 Number of Screw Heating Zone Zone 3
 Scerw Heating Power Kw 6
 Number of Die Heating Zone Zone 2
 Power of Die Heating Kw 2.8
 MAX die Diameter mm 120
 Clamping Force KN 55
 Oil Pump Drivepower Kw 5.5
 Servo Oil Pump Driving Power Kw 4
 MAX Power Consumption Kw 32.3
 Airpresssure Mpa 0.8
 Air consumption m3/min 0.6-1.2
 Water Consumption m3/min 1.6-2
 Machine Dimension (LxWxH)mm 3.0x2.1x2.3
 Total Weight MAX TON 4.2

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