Full Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

QCM-75/6 Series can fulfill mass-production of small-volume containers like milk bottle,fruit drinking bottle,etc.It adapts six die heads,autorotation deflashing system and auto conveying device.

The QCM hydraulic blow moulding machines. A wide variety of materials can be used for the machine, which are suitable for producing multi-type products in small batches. The clamping system is a high-precision single-station linear guide, extrusion system using a hard gear reducer and inverter imported from Japan.The die head system adopts central-incoming extrusion die made of special steel, imported hydraulic valve and seal parts with proportional control valve. The control system consists of PLC and Human-machine interface imported from Japan, an automatic temperature control module and imported electrical parts.

Famous Features
They are especially suitable for mass production of bottles for detergents, household chemicals and beverages, and more. For example, the production capacity of the 1L detergent bottle can be 30,000 pieces/day; 2L bottles 25,000 pcs/day; and 3L bottles 20,000pcs/day.

Different System
1.Clamping system: Single station+Hight-precision guide+large arm cylinder axle
2.Extrusion system: Hard gear surface reducer+Japan inverter
3.Die system: Central-incoming extrusion die with special steel
4.Hydraulic system: Japan hydraulic valve seal and proportional control
5.Control system: Japan PLC+Imported HMI+PLC automatic .

Parametric Technology

 Max Container capacity(L) ml 500
 Screw Diameter(mm) mm 75
 Screw L/D Ratio(l/d) L/D 22~24
 Plasticizing Capacity Kg 85
 Extruder Driving Power Kw 18.5
 Number of Screw Heating Zone Zone 3
 Scerw Heating Power Kw 7.2
 Number of Die Heating Zone Zone 7
 Power of Die Heating Kw 5
 MAX die Diameter mm 30
 Central Distance Of Four-hear mm 100
 Central Distance Of Six-head mm 70
 Max.Size of Mold (WxH)mm 500x280
 Platen Distance mm 150~350
 Clamping Force KN 70
 Oil Pump Drivepower Kw 5.5
 Servo Oil Pump Driving Power Kw 4
 MAX Power Consumption Kw 38
 Airpresssure Mpa 0.8
 Air consumption m3/min 0.6~12
 Water Consumption m3/min 1.6~2
 Machine Dimension (LxWxH)mm 3.14x3.04x2.11
 Total Weight MAX TON 4.5

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